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Design Service-manageable gardening.


Robin Higgins specialises in hand drawn garden designs.This enables him to work closely with you to formulate workable solutions to enhance your environment and out door space around your property. So your requirements can be met through a design. Robins designs are uniquely hand drawn to create balance and flow to the garden and buildings, and to enhance and harmonise the out door area.




The Design service Fee is agreed on site together with a consultation.

The design fee covers the consultation, survey, client brief and information of your garden & the design.

We don't always offer a full design Service on our first visit as you may only want some small changes in your garden so you can benefit from a short consultation and advice for your garden from Robin Higgins.




A well designed and constructed garden can add many thousands of pounds to the value of your property, as well as giving you space outside to enjoy, relax, unwind and entertain in.


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